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The new adaptive equalizer from sonible continuously analyzes audio signals and optimizes them in real-time. smart:EQ live has your back, so you can focus on the things that really count when mixing live.

  • Latency-free smart:engine¬†for any live audio situation
  • Optimally balanced sound within seconds
  • Additional safety net for hassle-free mixing

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    smart: EQ 3

    smart:EQ live is the award-winning smart: EQ as latency-free live plug-in. The high-precision adaptive filter of smart:EQ live analyzes audio signals, interprets them musically and compensates spectral imbalances in real-time. The plug-in leads to a more transparent sound image within seconds and enables a streamlined workflow for live sound mixing. 

    Live sound engineers are all too familiar with stressful circumstances. Often there is little or no time for sound checks and proper preparation. Engineers constantly have to deal with unexpected situations and need to make substantial decisions within seconds. sonible developed smart:EQ live to take some pressure off of them and enable new workflows in live sound. The plug-in completes basic repair tasks for you and helps to produce a homogeneous, clear sound image at every venue. 

    Improving the live workflow has been the main objective from the beginning: ‚ÄúLive technicians can now focus more on the musical experience for both artists and audiences instead of having to troubleshoot all the time‚ÄĚ, explains sonible CEO Ralf Baumgartner, who himself has over 15 years of experience as a live sound engineer.

    Real-time mixing assistant for enhanced sonic performance - your experience makes the difference

    smart:EQ live analyses the audio signal, interprets it musically and creates a spectral balance in real-time. This helps you to concentrate on what's important and to creatively focus on the main event. Now you can enhance the listening experience for artists and audiences, instead of having to constantly troubleshoot.

    Most of the time, live engineers are occupied balancing the unexpected and the necessary. Constant problem solving is your daily routine. The lack of time for proper sound checks, quick changes in the people speaking, sudden shifts in frequency and volume won’t allow you to catch a break. Often two hands are just not enough - and that's where smart:EQ live comes into play.

    Your experience makes the difference

    Tweak the AI for your personal mixing style - just what you need, only when you want it

    smart:EQ live is an adaptive equalizer that follows its own rules. The content-sensitive algorithm is a reliable mixing assistant for all types of live shows. With its custom-made profiles you direct the plug-in how it reacts to different sound sources. It will always follow your lead.

    Optimise the smart:engine to your personal mixing style with various settings. Threshold and the limit line serve as initial guidelines for the adaptive EQ. Adjust the reactivity of the self-learning bands as well as their bandwidth and sensitivity. Give smart:EQ live precise instructions - it takes care of the rest.

    Just what you need, only when you want it

    Built for live - super-flexible and resilient

    The user-friendly interface of smart:EQ live is specially designed for live use. Informed by years of hands-on experience, the practice-oriented selection of parameters facilitates a targeted adaptation and control of the plug-in to your purposes. Whether mixing concerts, corporate events or broadcasts, with the implemented hotkey control, you can swiftly switch between profiles and snapshots.

    smart:EQ live is a powerful partner in any situation and for all types of audio signals. The plug-in also serves as a basic audio safety net. The smart:filter is very resilient to feedback. It detects and eliminates critical resonances, long before you could react to them. The integrated analyser provides a quick overview of a signal’s frequency distribution.

    Super-flexible and resilient

    smart:EQ live Key Features

    • Real-time adaptive EQ plug-in for streaming and mixing
    • Latency-free ‚ÄĒ suitable for live music and broadcast
    • Builds corrective EQ curves using AI
    • Automatically corrects muddy vocals, boomy kick drums, and flat-sounding guitars
    • Wide library of source Profiles ("Voc Female,"Grand Piano") point smart:EQ Live in the right direction
    • Dynamic resizable GUI
    • Modern flat aesthetic
    • Output meter helps prevent clipping and improper gain staging

    Operating System

    Mac, PC



    Bit Depth

    Windows: 32-bit & 64-bit, Mac: 32-bit & 64-bit


    AAX, VST, VST3, AU
    Authorization Type
    iLok License Manager is required to install sonible software. You DO NOT need an iLok account or a physical iLok USB Dongle.

    Mac Hardware Requirements

    Intel Core i5 or higher, 4GB RAM minimum

    PC Hardware Requirements

    Intel Core i5 or higher, 4GB RAM minimum

    Mac OS Requirements

    MacOSX 10.7+ (macOS 11 Big Sur only supported on Intel-based Mac systems)

    PC OS Requirements

    Windows 7+
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