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Presswerk is a powerful dynamics processor with a musical soul. An easy-to-use interface and a rich feature set give you hands-on control over all details of your sound. Presswerk doesn't emulate famous compressors, it blends the warmth of classic hardware models with developments that are only possible in the digital domain.

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    Presswerk has all the features you expect in a compressor...

    • Sidechaining: use ducking to create more space in your mixes, or get creative with keying and pumping effects.
    • Adjustable compression curve and envelope. Find the best settings, get the most out of your Format-AUdio using the soft knee, compression ratio, attack and release and other controls.
    • Loud.¬†Oh yes, Presswerk is more than capable of making your tracks louder!
    • Soft Clip. Roll off those harsh peaks and avoid distortion when output levels get too high.

    Plus what we added to enhance Presswerk's capabilities:

    • 6 special views¬†for better workflow: Drum Compressor, Vocal Compressor, M/S Program Compressor, Easy Compressor, Bus Compressor, Limiter
    • M/S mode. More detailed stereo signal processing
    • Dual Phase Rotator (DPR): applies a radio broadcaster's trick to reduce unwanted asymmetries in the signal. It smears phases, increases headroom a little and adds bass 'oomph'.
    • Saturation.¬†This is where Presswerk really shines - adding colour and character to your Format-AUdio. Apply Saturation sparingly for subtle warmth and transient-taming, or crank it up to create tape overdrive-like effects.
    • Internal parallel compression.¬†The Mix controls let you blend the compressed and uncompressed signals. This helps preserve some of the original, natural dynamics.
    • Variable detection topologies:
      • Feed-forward¬†is modern and 'surgical', it tracks the input very precisely.
      • Feed-back¬†is 'musical', loose-sounding and forgiving‚ÄĒlike classic hardware.
      • Interactive¬†continuously analyzes the signal and blends FF and FB accordingly.
    • Adjust and store global preferences
    • New MIDI learn controls

    Presswerk Key Features
    • Sidechaining - for ducking, keying, and pumping techniques
    • Adjustable compression curve and envelope:
    • Soft knee, variable compression ratio, attack and release controls, and more
    • Soft clipping - tame peaks, avoid distortion, and make your tracks sound louder
    • 6 custom views for optimized workflow:
    • Drum Compressor
    • Vocal Compressor
    • M/S Program Compressor
    • Easy Compressor
    • Bus Compressor
    • Limiter
    • M/S mode - flexible stereo signal processing
    • Dual Phase Rotator smears phase, increasing headroom and punching up low end
    • Saturation adds color and character, from subtle warmth to full-on overdrive
    • Mix controls for parallel compression, blending compressed and uncompressed signals
    • Variable detection topologies:
    • FF (feed-forward) precise, modern, surgical tracking
    • FB (feedback) loose, musical-sounding, and forgiving like classic hardware
    • INT (interactive): continuously analyzes signal, optimally blending FF and FB
    • Adjust and store global preferences
    • MIDI-learn controls

    Operating System

    Mac, PC



    Bit Depth

    Windows: 32-bit & 64-bit, Mac: 32-bit & 64-bit


    AAX, VST2, VST3, AU, NKS

    Mac Hardware Requirements

    Intel Core i3 or higher, 4GB RAM or more recommended

    PC Hardware Requirements

    Intel Core i3 or higher, M1 Mac Supported, 4GB RAM or more recommended

    Mac OS Requirements

    OS X 10.9 or later (Intel and M1 Mac Supported) (64-bit only)

    PC OS Requirements

    Windows 7 or later
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