Kilohearts Toolbox Professional
Kilohearts Toolbox Professional
Kilohearts Toolbox Professional
Kilohearts Toolbox Professional
Kilohearts Toolbox Professional
Kilohearts Toolbox Professional
Kilohearts Toolbox Professional
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Kilohearts Toolbox Professional

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Color Your Tracks With a Wide-ranging Arsenal of Plug-ins

The Kilohearts Toolbox Professional Bundle from UpstreamSquad gives you an impressive collective of 30 Snapin plug-ins. Great for mixing and sound design alike, this bundle covers all your plug-in needs with a wide-ranging cache of bread-and-butter processors, creative effects, and problem-solving tools. The plug-ins in Toolbox Professional feature easy-to-use — and resizable — user interfaces, and they work with Kilohearts' revolutionary Snapin hosts. Unlock unlimited creativity with the Kilohearts Toolbox Professional Bundle!

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    What's included?

    30 Snapins (effect plugins)

    snap heap kilohearts - UpstreamSquad


    Wha Wha What's it all about?

    Managing effects is something that's possible in pretty much every digital audio workstation out there, but managing effect chains can be cumbersome and tedious. With Snap Heap managing complex effect systems is super simple and nothing stands between your creativity and the speaker cones.

    Wha Wha What's it all about SnapHeap Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Fast lane to success

    Snap Heap is based around up to 4 routable lanes of modular "snapin" effects. Each lane can contain any number of snapins, and have individual gain, panning and dry/wet mixing. You can also move things around easily using a state of the art technology from the future of 1984 called "drag and drop".

    fast lane to success kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Modulation station

    While adding four filters a frequency shifter and a stereo width modifier can be interesting in itself, adding four filters with sweeping cutoff retriggered by audio threshold, a frequency shifter bound to the MIDI note and stereo width scaled by the input RMS can be... Well, probably strange. But it may be amazing, and trying it out is just a couple of clicks away. Try it!

    We're serial about parallelizing

    Sometimes you want effects to run in series, and sometimes you want them to run in parallel. In Snap Heap, switching between the two is as easy as the push of a button. Clicking the route button between two lanes links them together in parallel mode, running the same audio through both before mixing them together. Want all four lanes to go in parallel, or have two parallel with pre and post FX, or just about anything else? The choice is yours!

    You have to focus, Trinity

    When you're tweaking a specific effect in the chain, the other effects involved can sometimes make it hard to properly hear what's going on. Mute or solo effect lanes, to quickly home in on what you're doing. Snap Heap will take care of sorting out the routing so you hear just what you want to hear.

    Honey, I'm 4 ms late

    Don't worry about latency. No matter how you route things or what effects you add, Snap Heap makes sure everything is as in sync as they can be to make sure all modulation aligns properly and to avoid phasing issues.

    Snapin Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad


    What's a Snapin?

    Well, snapins are regular old VST/AU plugins that you can use for a multitude of purposes. They come in a bunch of different flavours and we create more all the time. The thing is that they also work as modular effect pieces that you can combine in our snapin host plugins, as you can see above. Nifty!

    Nonlinear Filter - The nasty way to sculpt and refine your sounds.

    If you are looking to add some vintage analogue twang to your sound, Kilohearts have you covered. Nonlinear Filter offers basic filtering with a variety of flavours to it, ranging from classic analogue-sounding filtering to more outlandish modes the further down the list you go.

     nonlinear filter kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    3-band EQ: Simple EQ

    3-band EQ will get you surprisingly far when it comes to shaping your sound, or your entire song. By dragging the split frequencies around it feels like much more than a standard 3-band equalizer.

    Bitcrush: Simulate Lo-Fi Sound Sources 

    When nostalgia hits, Bitcrush can bring you back to the digital hardware of times past. It simulates the audio being played back using a low-quality sampler with limited sample rate and bit depth. Mm, crunchy.

    Kilohearts Phase Plant & Toolbox bitcrusher - UpstreamSquad 

    Stereo: Enhanced Stereo Effect

    The Chorus enhances the stereo effect and presence of a sound by mixing it  with delayed versions of itself. It's like your own personal choir!

    chorus kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Comb Filter: Sort Out Frequencies at Intervals

    The Comb Filter hollows out the sound by carving out frequencies at each multiple of the base frequency, like the teeth of a comb.

    It's also possible to process left and right differently in a way that not only gives a wide stereo effect but also collapses right back to the original signal when mixed to mono. Nifty!


    Compressor: Even Out Total Volume

    Someone somewhere once said that there are 931 compressor plugins in the world. Well, now there's 932!

    Compressors help shape the dynamics of the sound both at the initial attack and the sustain tail. Each compressor has its own flavour, and the kHs Compressor tastes sweet


    Delay: Echoing Effect

    While large echoing cavernous chambers seldom are the first pick for a good acoustic space, Delay effects have been ubiquitous in sound processing for a long time.

    The kHs Delay can be run both free running and tempo synced with various stereo and feedback options. Most notable however is the duck feature, which optionally only lets the echoed sound through when there is no dry input signal. This allows for long and heavy delay while still avoiding clutter over the original sound. Clever!

    Delay Echoing Effect Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Distortion: Versatile Distortion Effect

    Ever since mankind invented music, there has been a desire to make it heavier. Distortion can take your sound from zero to a sword-wielding hero in seconds.

    5 different distortion shapes are available to add a tinge of edge or rip things apart.  In stereo, if that's what you're into.



    Dynamics processing featuring upward and downward compression as well as expansion. Thresholds and ratio are controlled by clicking and dragging on the visualization in the upper part of the plugin interface. The visualization shows how input levels are mapped to output levels by the dynamics processing. The current input and output levels are marked in the visualizer by a moving disc.

    dynamics kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Ensemble: Choral Modulation

    The Ensemble effect creates the illusion of many voices playing in unison. Much like a chorus, it creates this effect by playing delayed copies of the incoming sound. On top of this, it also modulates the phases of each voice to create a silky smooth result without any metallic flanging. The delay times for each voice is also modulated to detune each voice slightly.


    Filter: Common Filter Effects

    Sometimes in life, sound comes with frequencies you don't like. So why not cut them out?

    kHs Filter is a resonant filter with 7 modes, swiftly getting rid of frequencies you don't like or enhancing frequencies you do. And it's doing it and doing it and doing it good.


    Flanger: Phase-Shifting Effect

    Creates a flanging effect by mixing the audio with a slightly delayed version of itself. The length of the delay can be adjusted manually and modulated. Optionally, this effect can also add a phase shift between the dry and wet signals to create an infinite barberpole-style flanging effect upwards or downwards.


    Formant Filter: Vocal Coloring

    If your music doesn't get enough "Aahs" and "Oohs", maybe you should try putting them into the actual music? Formant Filter shapes the sound in a similar way to how the vocal tract works, leading to vowel-esque sounds. So, channel your inner robo-Tarzan. Aaaaoooeoeeeoeeeee!


    Frequency Shifter: Dissonant Shifting

    Do you ever think to yourself: "Screw harmonics!"? Well, ok, probably not. 

    But let's do it anyway!

    Frequency shifter shifts the frequencies of a sound linearly across the spectrum,  destroying the original harmonic relationship between frequencies. Mmm... Dissonance...


    Gain: Volume Control

    Sound loud? Make softer. Sound quiet? Make louder.


    kHs Gate: Noise floor removal

    Not all sound is created alike, and sometimes you want to just leave it at the Gate. Quickly cut out low hum and noise from the signal, cut reverb tails short or exaggerate the dynamics in a beat. The possibilities are... maybe not endless, but should cover your gating needs!

    kHs Gate has simple but powerful controls for tuning in the desired effect, and can easily be driven by an external sidechain signal. The gate can also be flipped around to make a signal duck under another.

    Gate Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Haas: Stereo Widening

    Panning sound is key in mixing and sound placement, but amplitude is only part of how humans determine the direction of sound. The Haas effect targets another mechanism that detects small differences in time between left and right to position sound.

    Bottom line, it brings stereo width to sounds where there previously was none. Simple as that.

    Gate Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Ladder Filter: Flavourful  Filtering

    The Ladder Filter simulates low pass filters found in classic hardware synths.

    When you're looking for a bit of that vintage feel, Ladder filter will twist your basses into squelching retro-licks akin to those of the Moog or the 303. Crank the drive up an extra notch and it will even function as a warm distortion. Mmm, smooth.

    Ladder Filter Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Limiter: Volume Threshold

    Whether you want to crank the last drops of gain out of your track or just  want to control a few loud peaks, a Limiter can be the weapon of choice. By looking a little bit into the future, a limiter can make sure your signal  never goes louder than you want it to without distorting or destroying  transients. Even with the knob turned to 11.


    Phase Distortion: It's here to deliver phase melting mayhem!

    Traditionally, most distortion units overdrive and shape the amplitude of a signal in various ways to generate a rougher sound. Phase Distortion instead lets the signal modulate the phase of itself, essentially resulting in something similar to feedback FM. This way you can add that FM touch to any sound, to get a sweet 80's vibe or a filthy dubstep bass.

    Phase Distortion Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Pitch Shifter: Harmonic Shifting

    Are you out of tune? Do you want to be? Either way, pitch shifter uses grain delay to bring the pitch where you want it to be.  Or at least somewhere else from where it already is.

    Pitch Shifter Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Phaser: Pulsating Effect

    Beam me up, Scotty! No matter if you set the knob to stun or kill,  Phaser can spice up your life with twirly frequency sweeps. Pretty much all the bad things with signal phase issues, but turned into an effect and labelled "cool".

    Phaser kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Resonator: Harmonic Resonance

    Found a frequency that you really really like? Want it to hang in there for just a little bit longer? Let it ring in the new year with Resonator.

    Specific frequency harmonics in the input sound are enhanced and propagated, giving you fine control over the sustain of a tone.

    Resonator kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Reverb: Spatial simulation

    Reverbs, simulating the millions of tiny echoes that naturally bounce off the walls in a room, have become a central part in glueing together sounds in a song. There are likely few tracks today that don't contain reverb in any form.

    The kHs Reverb is a simple but powerful reverb, which helps you to quickly tune in the character you want.


    Reverser: Reversed echo

    Remember in The Ring when Samara kind of walks backwards but still towards you and it's all scary and weird? This is not really like that.

    However, kHs Reverser does delay and reverse sections of the input sound resulting in anything from hauntingly eerie textures to reverse percussion hits.

    Reverser kilohearts UpstreamSquad

    Ring Mod: Multiply & Conquer

    A ring modulator gets its name from the way the original analogue schematic used a ring of diodes to multiply two signals together. Honestly, the schematics are more of a square, but who cares when you can trash your sound beyond recognition in both pleasant and horrible ways?

    The kHs Ring Mod uses either an internal sine/noise generator or a secondary input as the second signal in the modulation and allows for versatile transformation of the modulating signal.

    Ring Mod Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Stereo: Width and Panning

    Width and panning.

    Left speaker.                                      Right speaker.

              W             i             d             e



    Tape Stop: Tape Speed Simulation

    At about the same time as dinosaurs roamed the earth, magnetic tape was the hottest way to store recorded audio. Naturally, cave men discovered that starting and stopping the tape while playing back would lead to interesting effects.

    kHs Tape Stop simulates this arcane technology in a simple way, allowing you to get great spindown/speedup sounds quickly with the push of a button. What's next? Harnessing the power of fire?

    Tape Stop Kilohearts - UpstreamSquad

    Trance Gate: Programmable gate

    What if ___ _____ easily chop up ____ __ the sound __ _ rhythmical pattern?

    Well, now you can! Trance Gate is a gate sequencer which quickly adds a rhythm to a pad or lead, chops up a beat or adds more staccato to an arpeggio.

    The world of anthem trance lies at your feet!

    trance gate kilohearts UpstreamSquad

    Transient Shaper: Customize attack character

    When you want to carefully tweak the punch of your snare, the ricki-ticki-ticking of your hi-hats or the snappiness of a synth line, Transient Shaper is the right tool for the job.

    Using a compressor is the most common way of adjusting the dynamics of a sound, but it's not always the right tool for the job. Transient Shaper offers an alternative take on processing the dynamics of a sound, working on the rate of change of the signal level rather than the signal level itself. This not only makes it able to react very fast to the input sound but also makes it consistent regardless of input gain. The result is a very direct control over the character of both the attack and sustaining sections of the sound in a way that's simple to understand and tweak.

     transient shpaer kilohearts - UpstreamSquad 

    Kilohearts Toolbox Professional Key Features

    Kilohearts Toolbox Professional Bundle Includes

    • 3-band EQ
    • Bitcrush
    • Chorus
    • Comb Filter
    • Compressor
    • Delay
    • Distortion
    • Dynamics
    • Ensemble
    • Filter
    • Flanger
    • Formant Filter
    • Frequency Shifter
    • Gain
    • Gate
    • Haas
    • Ladder Filter
    • Limiter
    • Nonlinear Filter
    • Phase Distortion
    • Phaser
    • Pitch Shifter
    • Resonator
    • Reverb
    • Reverser
    • Ring Mod
    • Stereo
    • Tape Stop
    • Trance Gate
    • Transient Shaper
    • All plugins in the Toolbox Professional Kit are Snap ready and can be used in Kilohearts Snapin hosts – Snap Heap, Multipass, and Phase Plant 

    Operating System

    Mac, PC



    Bit Depth

    Windows: 64-bit, Mac: 64-bit


    AAX, VST2, AU

    Mac Hardware Requirements

    2GHz Processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum

    PC Hardware Requirements

    2GHz Processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum

    Mac OS Requirements

    OS X 10.10 or later

    PC OS Requirements

    Windows 7 SP1 or later

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