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Multiband processing is an advanced technique that is used top mixing and mastering engineers. However, this type of processing is thought of as a corrective rather than creative.

Kilohearts Multipass changes this naritive with their multiband processor. Coupled with their snapin technology, Kilohearts created this 5-band frequency splitter. This tool is a sound designers dream!

Each of the 5 bands can host Kilohearts snapin effects which opens up countless new sonic possibilities. If you are a sound designer, film composer, or just looking to create new and interesting sounds, this is the multiband effect plugin for you.

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    Let's go splitsies!

    When adding effects to a sound, it's not uncommon to want to apply these effects to just a certain part of the sound. For example, you might not want a complex chorus to affect your bass too much, or a hard distortion to totally fry your high end. Either way, multiband processing adds a dimension to effect chains that really opens up a new world of options in sound design. Multipass helps you with this, allowing you to split the input sound into up to 5 easily tweakable frequency bands and applying an unlimited number of effects to each band. Pitch-shifted auto pan with a filtered chorus delay distortion? Coming right up!


    Time to phase the music

    Band splitting comes with a bit of a price. It's unavoidable (without adding latency) to mess a bit with the phase of the sound. Usually, this is not a problem, but when chaining multiple multiband effects this can add up to a lot of phase distortion. In Multipass, the band splitting is only done once no matter how many effects you add, leaving the phase as minimally harmed as possible. It also sorts out dry/wet mixing of effect lanes properly without phasing where possible. Parallel multiband compression, here we come!


    Modulation station

    While adding four filters a frequency shifter and a stereo width modifier can be interesting in itself, adding four filters with sweeping cutoff retriggered by audio threshold, a frequency shifter bound to the MIDI note and stereo width scaled by the input RMS can be... Well, probably strange. But it may be amazing, and trying it out is just a couple of clicks away. Try it!


    You have to focus, Trinity

    When you're tweaking a specific frequency band, the other bands and effects involved can sometimes make it hard to properly hear what's going on. Mute or solo effect lanes to quickly home in on what you're doing. And if you automate it, it can even be an effect in itself!

    Honey, I'm 4 ms late

    Don't worry about latency. No matter how you route things or what effects you add, Multipass makes sure everything is as in sync as they can be to make sure all modulation aligns properly and to avoid phasing issues.

      Operating System

      Mac, PC



      Bit Depth



      AAX, VST2, AU

      Mac Hardware Requirements

      2GHz Processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum

      PC Hardware Requirements

      2GHz Processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum

      Mac OS Requirements

      OS X 10.10 or later - Mac Silicon Supported

      PC OS Requirements

      Windows 7 SP1 or later
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