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Anything but inconsequential

Consequence is an arpeggiator, which creates a sequence of notes based on the chords that you provide. Up to 3 instruments can be loaded up, and a vast number of sequencing options can be used to control the way that the plug-in "interprets" your input.

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    Chord-Sequencer and Arpeggiator

    A simple concept, with tons of scope for creativity.

    The chord sequencer is the centrepiece of the creative flow. It’s basically choosing from a palette of 16 chord "snapshots" you define in the Chord memory section at the bottom. There are actually 5 sequencers controlling different aspects of the groove you’re creating. The Modulation section is especially deep, offering separate patterns for each of the synth parts, the filter and the effects.

    The sample-based sound library contains all kinds of instruments – from powerful analogue synths to subtle violins, each offering Octave, Pan, Level and Crush controls. You can choose a trigger mode for each instrument independently, so it becomes possible to create more complex sequences by having some instruments triggered as chords and others as arps.


    High level of user control

    A musician's eye for detail...

    Consequence allows for detailed definition of all the sonic aspects on a step-by-step basis: "Arp" or "Chord", "Octave" or "Tie". With detailed control over the Arp-direction, you can create melodies with a narrow focus.

    Like the rhythm of one preset, but the sound set from another? No problem! No matter how you save your presets, sequences and sounds can be switched out independently to give you other options to expand your presets further.


    Sound Collection

    Sample library with 800 MB content in 15 categories & 222 sound presets.

    Consequence’s sound library not only includes sounds of the most sought-after synths like the Memorymoog or the OP-1, there’s also plenty of strings and percussion. String passages are crafted fast and impressive. By combining the 3 instruments, it’s easy to create interlaced rhythms with the oddest sounds.

    Besides an ADSR, each instrument holds an "Age" and "Crush" control: With these two, say good bye to “Samples always sound so sterile!”

    MIDI output on VST & AAX

    Control external MIDI devices and plug-ins

    Consequence is not limited to the internal sound library: if you wanna combine with other generators, it is possible to use the MIDI out to trigger hardware or software synths, which opens up a lot of possibilities. There’s also the MIDI Export: just drag and drop to your host or save as a file.

    The final stage of the Consequence sound section is the master section which offers tuning features, a fine master compressor and a kickdrum which plays a 4/4 rhythm. The kickdrum is a friendly helper to keep the groove while you are creating sequences, also it can be sent to the compressor explusively to glue the mix together or let the level drop at each quarter note.


    Sounds & Presets

    Your inspiration delivery service

    The instruments work with a sampling library which has been created exclusively for Consequence. 237 sounds, recorded from first class natural instruments and synthesizers, are currently available.

    Consequence Key Features

    • Overlay your chords with arpeggios for dramatic effect and deliciously lush textures
    • Three sample-based oscillators with independent envelopes and gate selection
    • 32-step sequencer for chord selection, gate, modulation, and performance
    • Multiple sequencer performance modes (arp, tie, multi-trigger, octave, glide)
    • New sound-design features such as polyphonic frequency-dependent sample rate reduction
    • Included kick 4/4 kick drum for easy groove orientation
    • Multi-effect with 5 effects (reverse, chorus, phaser, delay, and reverb)
    • Master compressor (may be driven by 4/4 kick via sidechain)
    • Monophonic and polyphonic 5-mode filter (lowpass, bandpass, highpass, band-rejection, comp)
    • Pattern change via MIDI note; drag-and-drop MIDI export functionality
    • MIDI input for sequencing chords in real-time; MIDI output for triggering MIDI-compatible gear
    • Easy chord creation via chordmaker, chord-recording and manual chord drawing
    • Audio recorder for session recording or for creating loops
    • 200 first-class sounds onboard; split preset system can combine sound, sequence, and chord presets
    • 64-bit compatible; drag-and-drop MIDI export functionality

    Operating System

    Mac, PC



    Bit Depth



    VST, AU, AAX, Standalone

    Mac Hardware Requirements

    2GHz PPC/Intel, 512MB RAM

    PC Hardware Requirements

    2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM

    Mac OS Requirements

    OS X 10.7 or later

    PC OS Requirements

    Windows 7 SP1 or later

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