Why You Need Track Feedback

You've Over Listened to Your Track

By the time you've finished or have come close to finishing your track, you have already over-listened to it. This creates a distorted perception of your track. In order to make meaningful progress at this point, you'll need constructive criticism from a trusted outside opinion.

You Gain a Different Perspective

Gaining a different perspective on your music will show you problems in your track that you didn't originally hear and give you insights into what can be done to improve the track that you wouldn't have thought of on your own.

You'll Generate New Ideas

Receiving track feedback can help you spark new ideas that can help you progress your track. These ideas can end up making or breaking your track.

What's Included?

Each and every track feedback is as comprehensive as possible and includes a breakdown of the track feedback in a PDF file and an audio file of mixing and mastering changes to make.

The comprehensive track feedback PDF covers a breakdown of the following:

    • Initial impressions

    • Chords, melodies, and


    • Arrangement

    • Mix

    • Sound Design

    • Master

You can download a sample of the what a comprehensive track feedback PDF file would look like below.


Pick Your Best Pricing


1 Tracks

Track Feedback for 1 songs

Comprehensive document covering 6 points

Audio file with altered master


3 Tracks

Track Feedback for 3 songs

Comprehensive document covering 6 points

Audio file with altered master


10 Tracks

Track Feedback for 10 songs

Comprehensive document covering 6 points

Audio file with altered master

I was hesitant to get track feedback from Daniel, but the example PDF showing how complete the feedback for each track was convinced me. While this isn’t the cheapest track feedback, it’s absolutely worth it. Excellent actionable feedback was given by Daniel for the entire track all the way from the transitions to the master.

- Jao Fernee

Musician & Producer

Daniel has given me a completely new way of looking at my track. Not to mention he pointed out a bunch of small little issues in the mix that was really holding my track back. Honestly, I’ve never gotten feedback this detailed before. If you need to improve your track, get track feedback from Daniel! 

- Jason Sunvile

Electronic Music Producer

Wow! Daniel gave me such great feedback on every aspect of my song. I would have never thought of the suggestions that he mentioned. I now have a plan of attack for finishing up my latest track!

- Jessica Crano

Producer & Vocalist

I would be happy to help you out with any questions you may have about purchasing track feedback from me. Feel free to email me at daniel@upstreamsquad.com

Daniel S.

Founder of UpstreamSquad