"One Right Now" Re-creation

One Right Now Producer Bundle

Instantly get the sound of Post Malone and The Weeknd's "One Right Now"

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Why Do I Need This Music Production Bundle?

Make Songs Similar to "One Right Now" by Post Malone & the Weeknd

This music production bundle has EVERY sound and plugin used to recreate "One Right Now". Use the sounds and plugins from the bundle to create a similar sounding song or use them to create a unique new song with proven chart topping sounds.

Save Time and Finish More Tracks

Searching for plugins and samples that help you create a professional song is an incredibly time consuming process. This bundle offers professional tools that can be quickly assembled to create a professional song in the style of Post Malone & The Weeknd

Start Making The Music That You Love

Do you have tracks on your hard drive that never get finished and just don't sound good enough to you? If you have set of tools immideately ready to produce tracks in the style of Post Malone and The Weeknd, you can create a professional sound quickly. This will help you stay motivated, remove the frustration from producing, and get you to actually finish your tracks.

What's Included in the Bundle

The entire recreation of the One Right Now was made with the following sample packs and VST plugins. They are also available for individual purchase.

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What Others Are Saying?

Taylor Cruz

Tampa, Florida

"This bundle helps out a ton! I can never seem to get close to the pop and hip pop sounds of Post Malone & The Weeknd. Sound selection is one of the hardest skills to learn. This bundle offers the perfect selection of sounds to get a radio ready pop sound without having to spend hours tweaking synths and looking for samples."

Wade Frazier

Los Angeles, California

"You don't need 10+ years of production experience to get a professional sound. I have been producing for a few years and it is so frustrating trying to create a professional sounding track. This bundle gave me all the tools necessary to sound like Post Malone and The Weeknd."

Josh Grant

Denever, Colorado

"I can finally make The Weeknd and Post Malone style tracks. Producers are expected to do everything these days and this bundle simplifies the production process and shortens the time you need to spend on this style of track. The samples and plugins in this bundle are spot on for getting their sound."

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you wil!

Have a listen to the recreation of One Right Now that we made. We used all the tools in the bundle to recreate the track.

Take a look at the One Right Now Bundle product page to see what specific samples and plugins we used for each sound in the recreation.

Of Course! When we recreated One Right Now, we made sure to pick tools that will help you create other similar sounding Post Malone and The Weeknd tracks.

There are 4 products included in the bundle with a 20% discount.

You can pick and choose which tools you want to purchase on the UpstreamSquad store. However, you won't get the 20% discount if you purchase the products individually.

If you don't want to purchase the whole bundle, check out the product carousel above the FAQ section for a list of all the products that were used to recreate "One Right Now".

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Get 20% off 2 high quality and versatile high sample packs and VST synths and start making The Weekend and Post Malone style tracks today!

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